ADSTRA Systems has been a leader in the dental software industry for over 20 years and is continuously improving their all-inclusive paperless solution. Year after year, new features are added to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of modern, high-tech dentistry.

ADSTRA’s integrated dental software solution has an intuitive, user-friendly interface with tools for managing all aspects of patient care and provides a cloud-based option as ell as an on-premise option.


 1. Multi-location Connectivity

The ADSTRA Cloud database can be accessed over the internet from multiple locations, providing dental practices with the great advantage of accessing any patient’s record from any location.

Additionally, management teams can generate global reports as well as reports for each location as ADSTRA Cloud allows offices to simultaneously access the database from all of their locations. Having access to such reports is beneficial as it gives practice owners the opportunity to analyze the success of their practices as a whole and individually.

2. Safety and Security

ADSTRA’s cloud-based solution, ADSTRA Cloud, provides dental offices the utmost up-to-date and secure dental practice management software solution. This ensures that the confidential patient information that dental providers have access to is protected and securely stored.

ADSTRA Cloud dental software uses Microsoft Azure which is utilised by companies both large and small, as the host of their cloud solutions. Using advanced encryption and data loss protection methods as well as meeting the highest safety standards, Microsoft Azure is recognized as the most secure platform in the world.

Many dental practices have been and continue to be affected by various computer viruses. With ADSTRA Cloud, this can be avoided. Since all patient data is hosted on a safe and secure remote Microsoft managed server, rather than locally on a computer, a computer virus would not put the confidential patient data at risk.

3. All-inclusive Solution

ADSTRA Dental Software is a comprehensive solution that combines all aspects of traditional dental software modules: patient management, dental imaging and clinical records as well as appointments and practice administration helping modern dental practices become more efficient.

The all-inclusive, no contract ADSTRA Cloud Monthly Subscription includes:

  • comprehensive paperless dental software solution
  • all of the software upgrades issued during the coverage period
  • unlimited on-going support by phone and remote-interactive support via the internet
  • training and/or access to training materials, as applicable
  • storage on Microsoft Azure Datacenters with automatic backups
  • professionally managed IT hardware infrastructure

ADSTRA Cloud is a one-stop solution that is ideal for both small and large, single or multi-location dental practices.

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