Being a dental practice owner means performing procedures for patients while also running a business. ADSTRA helps you manage the workplace aspects of your practice more efficiently. This will grant you higher levels of safety and control, minimize the time required for administration and supervision, and free up valuable time for patient care.

Safety and Control

ADSTRA understands the importance of properly managing your practice and keeping patient and practice information safe and secure; which is why ADSTRA offers multiple safeguards such as the creation of roles and user profiles and keeping track of the functions performed by users.

A specific set of privileges/rights that can be granted or denied to a user are grouped in roles such as a receptionist or administrator.

Users log in with their own username and password and, according to their assigned role, the system will allow them to enter modules or perform functions they have access rights to.

This multilevel access ensures that only authorized personnel can view and/or edit confidential patient and financial information.

Additionally, transaction records created by the system include the usernames of the staff who processed the transactions and changes are tracked via the audit log, which specifies the time, date and name of the individual who made changes. By viewing the audit logs, discrepancies can be easily investigated, saving you time.

These features are designed to build a solid foundation that ensures the integrity of all confidential information as well as the security of payments and claims. In addition, role-based permission rights help prevent and inappropriate actions from occurring, keeping your practice running smoothly and efficiently.

Secure Data

Managing Revenue

ADSTRA provides a plethora of logistical and analytical tools that will help you save time and money.

As soon as patients arrive for their appointments they are checked in and they are automatically checked out when they are charged for the services performed, which is beneficial as it gives you time to focus on patient care and improving the patient experience, rather than bill collection.

Furthermore, in ADSTRA Clinical a provider’s dashboard will show all the patients for that day and their status (confirmed, missed, checked-in, checked-out/charged) allowing you to easily determine whether a patient has been billed. This feature is important, especially for the financial success of your practice as it reduces the chance of uncharged patients going un-noticed.

Over 130 different reports and charts on all aspects of your practice can be generated in ADSTRA software providing valuable information at a glance via the Reports and Charts panel that can be used for finding ways to improve the financial efficiency of your practice.

ADSTRA takes pride in providing a dental practice management solution that makes dental practice management easy and efficient for its users by incorporating all the tools they need, which help them to succeed.  Billing is streamlined, all patient information is displayed on one screen; at a glance, numerous reports and charts can be easily generated, and patient and practice information is kept safe and secure, amongst many other benefits.

Implement the ADSTRA Dental Software solution in your practice today and experience all the benefits ADSTRA has to offer!