ADSTRA Dental Software - Product and Service offerings

ADSTRA Dental Software

ADSTRA Dental Software - Product and Service offerings

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Alkadhi Dental

"I have been using ADSTRA for years
and they always come with new things."

dentist using adstra dental software on tablet

"The ability to show patients their
charting, radiographs and imaging
on the computer is invaluable."

Princess Margaret Hospital

"It's easy to use and book appointments.
The customer support is great."

Blue Fern Denture and Implant Clinic

dental practice staff

"From booking, to treatment, to checking out the patient
and submitting claims. It is a seamless operation."

Family Dental Centre

ADSTRA Dental Software is a cost effective, all-inclusive solution manages all aspects of patient care can help your dental practice go paperless has an intuitive, user-friendly interface is an integrated dental software solution has FDI and ADA numbering compability is available in English, French and Spanish


    ADSTRA is a solution that has been used by new and established dental practices since 1994


    Cloud solution for individual dental practices, as well as larger dental clinics with multiple locations

Flexible and versatile, ADSTRA Dental Software provides a complete dental software solution for multi-location clinics or new dental practices

  • Clinical Records

    At-a-glance view of all aspects of the patient’s records needed when providing care

  • Periodontal Readings

    Input and compare periodontal readings for gingival recession, pocket depths, plaque, bleeding, suppuration, and calcification

  • Fillable Forms

    A collection of questions with structured replies create a fillable form to be completed by a patient or by a provider

  • Digital Imaging

    Capture, organize and enhance images from digital cameras, video camera and radiographic digital devices

  • Referral Reports

    Use templates to include both pictures and text to increase efficiency in creating referral reports

  • Patient Education

    Show pre-defined case studies, infographics, or your own portfolio of before and after images of performed treatments

  • Dental Charts

    Create odontograms for existing teeth conditions with user-definable colors for restoration materials


    Pad format printouts and prescription tracking; signature protected and with customizable templates

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Visual alerts and status, calendar navigation, search available time, short-call preference, team view, multiple days, daily notes

  • Automatic Reminders

    SMS text or emails reminders are sent according to patients’ preference and they can directly confirm their appointment

  • Claims & Predeterminations

    Insurance and co-insurance, coverage tracking, electronic submission or printing using several standard formats

  • Patient Follow-up

    Predeterminations received no appointments, recall due or overdue, pending lab case, missed appointments


    Summary of important indicators of your practice’s performance organized by: year, quarter, month and week

  • Inventory & Equipment

    Tracking available consumables by location, transactions details and equipment records including periodic servicing information

  • Inter-Office messaging

    Light-up color buttons; send a message to a specific user or broadcast to multiple users at the same time; one-click replies

  • Time Card

    Efficient tracking with employees checking-in when they arrive at the office, and checking-out when they leave

All-Inclusive Services

  • Support

    Included for the software by phone, by email, or by remote access to your computer via the Internet

  • Updates

    The software is always updated with the latest versions
    and patches

  • Installation

    The software is installed on your workstations and configured with your initial preferences

  • Training

    Includes interactive software training for new features or
    new staff

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