ADSTRA Clinical™

ADSTRA Dental Software is a cost effective, all-inclusive solution manages all aspects of patient care can help your dental practice go paperless has an intuitive, user-friendly interface is an integrated dental software solution has FDI and ADA numbering compability is available in English, French and Spanish


Patient Care

  • Clinical Records

    At-a-glance view of all aspects of the patient’s records needed when providing care

  • Periodontal Readings

    Input and compare periodontal readings for gingival recession, pocket depths, plaque, bleeding, suppuration, and calcification

  • Fillable Forms

    A collection of questions with structured replies create a fillable form to be completed by a patient or by a provider

  • Dental Charts

    Create odontograms for existing teeth conditions with user-definable colors for restoration materials


    Pad format printouts and prescription tracking; signature protected and with customizable templates

  • Treatment Notes

    Signature protected, with customizable templates and medical spell-checker

  • Organize Documents

    Import documents of various formats with options to email and preview documents, as well as add patient signatures

  • Instrument Sterilization

    Keep track of sterile instruments and their sterilization cycles, as well as print labels to place on the sterile barrier wrapper

Proven Solution


    Attractive and intuitive graphical user interface with built-in help, PDF guides, and video tutorials

  • Multi-level Security

    Role-based, password protected access to features and comprehensive audit logs

  • Multi-lingual Interface

    Available in English, French, and Spanish


    For large dental clinics with multiple locations, as well as individual dental offices


    Light-up colour buttons; send a message to a specific user or broadcast to multiple users at the same time; one-click replies


    Context sensitive, on-demand available documentation

Flexible and versatile, ADSTRA Dental Software provides a complete dental software solution for multi-location clinics or new dental practices

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