Practice Administration

ADSTRA Dental Software is a cost effective, all-inclusive solution manages all aspects of patient care can help your dental practice go paperless has an intuitive, user-friendly interface is an integrated dental software solution has FDI and ADA numbering compability is available in English, French and Spanish



  • Appointment Scheduling

    Calendar navigation, search available time, short-call preference, team view, multiple days, daily notes

  • Automatic Reminders

    SMS text or emails reminders are sent according to patients’ preference and they can directly confirm their appointment

  • Drag-and-drop appointments

    By providers and/or rooms, by day or week, with visual alerts and option to show or hide names

  • Patient Follow-Up

    Predeterminations received no appointments, recall due or overdue, pending lab case, missed appointments


  • Claims & Predeterminations

    Insurance and co-insurance, coverage tracking, electronic submission, or printing using standard forms

  • Analytical Information

    Summary of important indicators of your practice’s performance organized by: year, quarter, month, and week

  • Time Card

    Efficient tracking with employees checking-in when they arrive at the office, and checking-out when they leave

  • Treatment

    Treatment planning, predeterminations with estimate forms, treatment logs, treatment history with customized quick codes and instant access to the fee guide

  • Financial Information

    Payments due by patient, payments by charges, payment plans, bulk payments, write-offs, interest charges, merchant charge calculation with flexible financial guarantor, receipt on demand, and multi-payments option

  • Communication

    Unlimited user-definable letter forms, printing labels, creating mailing lists, formal and informal greeting options

  • Unfinished tasks

    Ability to add tasks to a menu so you can easily go back and finish them

  • Inventory & Equipment

    Tracking available consumables by location, transactions details, and equipment records including periodic servicing information

  • Reports & Charts

    Daily reports, aged financial reports and statements, bill and payment summaries, production reports and charts, patient demographics, patient retention rates, treatments by procedures, patients time distribution chart

  • To-Do List

    Create text reminders for general office administration tasks

Proven Solution


    Attractive and intuitive graphical user interface with built-in help, PDF guides, and video tutorials

  • Multi-level Security

    Role-based, password protected access to features and comprehensive audit logs

  • Multi-lingual Interface

    Available in English, French, and Spanish


    For large dental clinics with multiple locations, as well as individual dental offices


    Light-up colour buttons; send a message to a specific user or broadcast to multiple users at the same time; one-click replies


    Context sensitive, on-demand available documentation

Flexible and versatile, ADSTRA Dental Software provides a complete dental software solution for multi-location clinics or new dental practices


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