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Recall Management

Efficiently and Effectively Manage Recalls

The all-inclusive, paperless ADSTRA Dental Software solution provides you the means to effectively manage your recalls and recall process.

Instrument Sterilization

Easily Manage Instrument Sterilization

ADSTRA Dental Software’s instrument sterilization module allows you to perform several instrument sterilization functions, making the proceess quick and efficient.


Analyze Practice Success

With 130 different reports and charts included in the ADSTRA Dental Software solution, easily analyze the success of your practice anytime!


Simplify Daily Processes

ADSTRA Dental Software has a number of templates to help simplify certain daily processes, allowing you to see more patients throughout your day!

ADSTRA Appointments

Handle Adminstrative Responsibilites

ADSTRA Appointments provides you all the tools you need to manage the administrative aspects of your dental practice in an efficient and effective manner.

ADSTRA Imaging

Universal Image Capturing and Mangement

ADSTRA Imaging is a universal platform for capturing images that is compatible with numerous imaging devices, giving you the freedom to choose which device you would like to use.

Text Message Appointment Confirmation

Reduce No-Shows and Cancellations

Patients receive a SMS text message to confirm and/or remind them of their appointment.

When a patient replies “YES” to confirm, the appointment within the ADSTRA dental software solution will automatically be updated and will show “confirmed,” providing the user with seamless appointment integration.

Patient Education

Increase Treatment Plan Acceptance

Infographics are documents with visual and informational content designed to assist in educating your patients effectively, helping them to better understand the proposed treatments.

A library of predefined infographics is included with the ADSTRA dental software solution, which can be shown on the screen or can be easily sent to patients by email.

At-A-Glance View

Everything You Need – All On One Screen

With a focus on efficient patient care, ADSTRA Clinical provides at-a-glance patient information.

Providing a simplified chair-side experience, all relevant information for providing dental care is available on one-screen.

Fillable Forms

Utilize Tablets To Go Paperless

ADSTRA dental software allows you to create and organize digital patient forms, helping your practice to become paperless.

Forms, such as medical history or consent forms, can be completed by the patient using the tablet in the waiting room and reviewed by the provider before the patient is brought to the operatory.