February 2020 was the month when everything started to change. People all over the world were falling seriously ill, fairly quickly, and there was no understanding as to what the cause of the illness was. As we now know, this was caused by COVID-19 and a global pandemic was declared with all non-essential services such as dental offices being asked to close down. Appointments had to be cancelled, patients had to be notified, automatic appointment reminders had to be paused, and various reports had to be submitted to insurance companies so practices could claim the loss of revenue. With a software system like ADSTRA Dental Software, all the previously mentioned tasks can be completed effortlessly allowing you to re-direct your focus to where it is needed most.


Advanced dental practice management software systems contain the means to send customized mass communications such as emails, text messages, and postcards to patients based on their preferred form of communication to inform them of their cancelled appointment, and explain the current situation. The ability to send the same email or text message to all or selected patients, eliminates the need to contact each patient individually saving you time.

Additionally, these management systems have the capacity to keep track of the reason for cancellation, and produce various reports which will then be useful when attempting to claim lost revenue via your insurance provider. For example, dental practices using ADSTRA Software are able to create the following reports which may be helpful during such a crisis:

  • Confirmation list – the list of patients that have appointments scheduled for a selected date
  • Appointments by provider – lists all booked appointments for a selected time period for either Total Practice or Single Provider
  • Appointments by purpose – lists all patients that had appointments for a selected purpose and time period and shows if completed or missed
  • Week by Provider Day Sheet – gives a list of all appointments for the selected provider for six days
  • Procedures by Provider – lists the patients and procedures recorded for a particular provider during a specified period of time
  • Procedures by Provider (Totals) – lists the total procedures performed and the total charged for each patient during a specified period of time, for the entire practice or for a particular provider

These lists and reports allow you to select a specific date range, therefore you can show your insurance company which appointments you had scheduled but had to cancel, what the appointment was for, and what the lost revenue could amount to during this time.

It is evident your dental practice management software is there to make life easier whether it is during a crisis or not. These systems automate, manage, and streamline various processes, thus should be properly utilized, especially during a global crisis. In moments like these take advantage of your software and use it for its intended purpose, giving you the chance to focus on more essential tasks.