Dentists see numerous patients throughout their day requiring a practice management software that is easy to use, quick, and efficient. They do not want to rely on multiple screens, so having one with all relevant patient information would be highly beneficial for providers and ADSTRA Software does just that with ADSTRA Clinical.

ADSTRA Clinical provides quick access to patient information required when administering dental care. On the one screen, providers will see the: dashboard, notes (left tabs), charts (top tabs), and records (bottom tabs).

ADSTRA Clinical


The dashboard shows a provider’s appointments for today or any number of days starting with the today, displaying the appointments: status, date, colour-coded type, time, units. The patients names can be show or hidden with a simple click. The selected patient’s main information including the patients’ photo and pertinent alerts are prominently displayed and easily editable.


The notes tabs allow providers to keep track of vital patient information and streamline the treatment process. Treatment plans can be viewed and managed for the current patient, and details of the dental care provided to patients can be recorded among numerous other things. Various templates can be used for forms, treatment (Tx) plans, clinical notes, and prescriptions, and patient-provider communications via email and/ or SMS can be tracked.


Providers can chart their patients’ examination results via Odontograms and Perio Exams, allowing them to go paperless and have access to this information from any device that has the software installed on it. They can also refer to previous exams, compare them, and view all patient’s appointments.


The records tabs give providers the ability to view what treatments have been completed for a patient, x-rays or digital images for a patient, sterile instrument utilization and labs that have been sent, as well as the financial records for services rendered, and estimates that have been submitted to insurance companies.

ADSTRA Clinical makes providers’ lives vastly efficient. With just one screen, providers have access to all necessary patients’ information, allowing them to deliver quick and effective service and treatment to their patients.

What more could a provider want?