When we want to buy a product, we all look for ease of use and whether it will make our lives more convenient. This is especially true when dental professionals are looking for dental image management software.

Dentists see multiple patients throughout their day, so they require software that will allow them to focus on their patients, rather than trying to determine how to use it. In the end, dentists need a software product that is both brisk and efficient.

ADSTRA Imaging Version 19

ADSTRA Imaging includes a range of functions that help dental offices achieve greater efficiency and makes it easier for dentists to keep their practice on track. A few of these are:

Automatic Image Display when Bridging

Dentists have the ability to choose between several options for automatic image display having the images conveniently appear according to their preference whenever selecting a patient. The options allow viewing a patient’s most recent radiographs, either, pan or bitewing, pan and ceph, or last two sets of bitewings; or to view patient’s images for the last few months according to their preference.

Capture X-Rays from Multiple Devices

ADSTRA Imaging solution is compatible with numerous imaging devices, reducing the need to use of several device-specific software products, and thus eliminating the complications that could result from using multiple software products. Dentists can readjust the auto-retake order and correct the orientation of images with ease. Furthermore, the software allows with one click to compare a current image with several previous images for the same area, making the chronological review effortless.

Post-treatment Communication

Dentists can swiftly create reports for patients and specialists using ADSTRA Imaging. Within the software, patient’s information as well as selected all images are imported directly into Word Templates. Moreover, dentists can email those reports to patients and specialists directly from the software, simplifying the communication process.

Present Treatment Options for Patients

ADSTRA Imaging helps improve the efficiency of educating the patients by providing predefined infographics or cases with before and after images for the most common dental procedures. Dental offices can utilize these built-in tools to quickly show patients the treatment options that they need. Additionally, with just a few clicks dentists can import images from their digital camera into a patients file, and create a case study to present treatment results to a patient.

In addition to these capabilities, some refinements have been made to the software to increase the intuitive use. One example is the addition of advanced filters to the search function for opening images. This allows dentists to focus their search, decreasing the amount of time they spend looking for images. With enhancements and new features, ADSTRA Imaging – Version 19 offers users an improved experience, making it THE software for image management.

ADSTRA Imaging is a software solution that makes image management simpler and quicker resulting in an increase in efficiency and productivity. With various capabilities, including quick-view buttons, many processes are streamlined, helping things run smoother within the practice.