Having the tools to work smarter rather than harder is key for any dental clinic. Between seeing patients, practice accounting, chart creation, submissions of claims, and the general day-to-day tasks of running a dental hygiene clinic – the right dental software should intuitively work with you to gather the relevant patient’s information required to run your practice effectively.

Ways ADSTRA works well for both Denturists and Hygienists

Claims Submissions & Fee Guides
Submitting insurance claims electronically will help your practice get paid sooner. Having the ability to immediately rectify issues with claims submissions will sleep up the approval and payment process. With access to both denturist and dental hygiene specific codes and fee guides through ADSTRA, your claims will be processed and approved sooner, in turn – meaning you will get paid quicker.

Appointments & Recalls
A full appointment schedule obviously equals more revenue for your practice. Fill your days with appointments easily with the ability to contact patients due for recall appointments. Marketing Reminder lists help your practice stay organized and avoid letting recall appointments slip through the cracks. With the right software, such as ADSTRA – these lists are updated automatically after a recall appointment is booked keeping the lists current and relevant.

Customizable Forms
Patients don’t want to come to your practice and be handed a clipboard with a stack of forms to be filled out. In turn, front desk staff members don’t want to be standing over a scanner, snacking the stacks of forms into the patient’s profiles. Having your customized forms on a tablet for your patients to fill out will not only impress your patients, but will also save your staff time. Once approved, the completed forms are automatically saved within the patient’s profile within ADSTRA for easy access at any time.

Patient Communications
Communicating effectively with your patients is the number one way to ensure your appointment book is full, thus – increasing revenue. By being able to send confirmations, reminders, and even follow-ups via SMS text message and/or email – your patients will have the flexibility to respond at their leisure. Upon receipt of confirmation, your appointments within ADSTRA are then automatically updated. Customizing your follow-up messages means that you can check-in with your patients after their visits, or even ask them to leave a review for your practice, linking to your preferred site.

The ADSTRA dental software solution is an easy to use and easy to learn solution for dental, denturist, and hygiene practices of any size. Having all relevant patient information available to you at-a-glance helps increase office efficiency – helping your practice to run in an organized, time efficient, and productive way. Not only can you view your day’s appointments, you can also view the selected patient’s charts, notes and alerts, and more – all on one screen.

A busy practice should equal more revenue for you and with the right dental software – it can.