ADSTRA On-premise and ADSTRA Cloud Dental Software Solutions

ADSTRA On-Premise and ADSTRA Cloud Dental Software Solutions

On-premise and cloud-based dental software solutions are both great options for a dental practice; both solutions will allow you to carry out your patient and business operations. However, as a dental practice owner, you have to determine which solution suits the needs and wants of your dental practice.

In this article we will delve into the specific characteristics as well as the similarities for the ADSTRA On-premise and ADSTRA Cloud dental software solutions to help you make the best decision for your dental practice.

ADSTRA On-Premise – Specific Characteristics

ADSTRA On-premise dental software solution requires a server in which the database will be installed/stored. For the software to be available and functional on the computers, each computer needs to be in the same location as the server, and needs to be networked. All the computers need to be able to connect to the server to access the database as well as the shared folders that store the data. Additionally, since patient data and practice information is stored on the local server, backups need to be done manually on a daily basis onto a removable disk that is physically stored off-premise to ensure that data and information is safe and secure. The ADSTRA on-premise solution is ideal for dental practices that have only one location.

ADSTRA Cloud – Specific Characteristics

ADSTRA Cloud dental software solution has the database stored on the Microsoft Azure, 24/7 professionally managed servers. Patient and practice information is accessed from designated computers via high-speed internet connection. Backups for database and files are done automatically at no extra cost, eliminating a task from your daily to do list, and the need to remember to do them after a busy day. The ADSTRA Cloud dental software solution, is ideal for dental practices that prefer to have their data stored securely. It is also vital for dental practices that have multiple locations that need to have all records consolidated with the flexibility of treating patients at any location as well as for accounting/financial purposes.


Although the ADSTRA On-Premise and ADSTRA Cloud dental software solutions have their differences, they also have their similarities.

The main common trait between both solutions is that the software is installed on the designated workstation computers. This ensures that only users with access to the premises can access the software or data within the ADSTRA On-Premise and ADSTRA Cloud dental software solutions, making either solution a safe and secure choice for your dental practice.

For both ADSTRA On-Premise and ADSTRA Cloud solution, the software has the same advanced functionalities and capabilities, the same screens, layout, and overall look making it effortless for dental offices to upgrade from the on-premise to the cloud-based solution.

Another similarity is that both ADSTRA On-Premise and ADSTRA Cloud are all- inclusive software solutions covering: installation, training, on-going support, and upgrades. The monthly subscription fee is based on the number of stations in your dental office and it is extremely flexible, without long-term contracts, with necessary changes to the configuration made within a few days.

When determining which solution to implement in your dental practice, think about the following: how you want the software installed, where and how you want to be able to access the software, whether you want to be responsible for the daily backups or have them done for you, which is the most cost-effective option – and the decision will be easier to make.

If you have any further questions, contact ADSTRA today for help on choosing the solution that is the best fit for your dental practice.