ADSTRA Confirmations Offers Seamless Appointment Integration

One of the most time consuming activities for administrative teams in a dental clinic is having to spend countless hours calling patients to confirm their appointments; often not getting through to the patient on the first attempt – thus, spending even more time following-up with multiple phone calls.

Instead of spending endless amounts of energy and time this way
– why not make things simpler with ADSTRA Confirmations?

Better use your time and efforts to ensure that the calendars for each dental practitioner are filled to optimize each time slot; thus ensuring that the most ideal amount of revenue is generated for the practice.

Increasing revenue is the end goal for any profitable dental practice and by sending SMS text message reminders and confirmations for appointments with ADSTRA Confirmations – your dental practice can do exactly that.


ADSTRA Confirmations provides dental offices the ability to configure their system to automatically send patients’ appointment confirmations, reminders, follow-ups, as well as optional COVID screening forms via SMS text messages or emails – allowing them to confirm their appointment directly from their cell phone.

By contacting patients via SMS text message or email – your dental practice will be able to reduce no-shows and cancellations. Not only can you set it up so that the SMS text messages or emails are sent out automatically to confirm appointments, but these appointments will then be automatically updated within your ADSTRA appointments calendar, according to the patient’s response.

With seamless appointment integration, each practitioner’s calendar within ADSTRA will be automatically updated dependant on the patients’ response
to the ADSTRA Confirmations text messages confirmation/reminder.

Having ADSTRA Confirmations send out the SMS text messages, or emails, to your patients automatically will provide your administrative staff the time to greet your patients when they arrive and assist with their checking-in or checking-out as they do not have to manually confirm appointments or remind patients of their appointments. Not only will this speed up such processes for your patients, but it will also help them feel more welcome in your office, contributing to a more enjoyable patient experience.

Creating a best patient experience involves considering the flow of their entire appointment process; having a seamless flow from appointment confirmation to check-out is ideal. No patient wants to stand in the reception area of a dental practice, waiting to be checked in or out as the administration staff is on the phone with other patients.

ADSTRA Confirmations will help your dental practice showcase
that you value your patient’s time.

The automation of sending appointment reminders, follow-ups, and confirmations via SMS text message or email will free up more time for your administrative staff to then: check-in with patients who have outstanding treatments, reach out to potential new customers, and perform other revenue building tasks.

As we know – a happy patient can be one of the greatest assets to your dental practice. This is so as it may lead to patient referrals – one of the best ways to generate new patients.  In recognizing everything you and your staff have to offer, your patients can become great advocates for your practice when talking to their friends and family. By offering appointment confirmations via SMS text message or emails through ADSTRA Confirmations – your patients will be impressed and excited to share how easy it is to confirm their appointments.

Let ADSTRA Confirmations do the work for you – put in the past the days of spending numerous hours on the phone confirming appointments for your dental practice.

Contact ADSTRA today to learn more!

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