Solving Your Inter-Office Communication Problem

Time and time again we have seen the woes associated with inter-office communication play out in front of us; whether on TV or even in real life. The hustle and bustle of a busy office will have the overworked receptionist struggling to alert someone that their next appointment has arrived. Usually, mostly for laughs on TV, the receptionist will turn and make a scene in order to be heard. Hopefully, this is not the practice in your dental clinic.


For most businesses, an office intercom system can alleviate this issue, however – these office intercom systems are not a suitable solution in a dental clinic. While with patients performing an exam or treatment, a dental practitioner cannot respond promptly to these alerts with the patient in the chair.

What is a Dental Practitioner to do to Solve their Inter-Office Communication Problem?

Years ago, a new system was developed; colour-coded alert lights which would silently notify the appropriate provider. This worked well for many offices because the receptionist wasn’t forced to leave their desk unattended, and the dental practitioners weren’t having to stop mid-exam/treatment in order to find out about their next appointment. However, these colour-coded alert lights were not economically feasible for many offices. Coming in at over $10,000 for a mid-sized dental clinic – that was a heavy investment; and the fad of the wireless radios wore off rather quickly, as staff members did not want to wear an earpiece all day.

Inter-Office Instant Communication with ADSTRA Clinical

ADSTA Dental Software has come up with the ideal solution to your inter-office communication problems within your dental clinic – ADSTRA Clinical.


ADSTRA Clinical is designed to be an easy and effective means of communication within your dental practice. ADSTRA Clinical provides dental professionals with an easy and efficient means to communicate with each other throughout the office.

  • Custom definable one-click responses for quick reply
  • Three most recent messages are viewed on screen, incoming messages push older messages down
  • Dismiss messages by closing conversation box
  • Create and type messages to broadcast to all users or specific users one at a time

ADSTRA Clinical is the answer to your inter-office communication problems within your dental clinic. Each dental practitioner, as well as the administrative staff, will have their own username and will be alerted appropriately right within the software they are already using on their workstations in each room.

Inter-Office Communication for your Modern Dental Practice

Use your computer network to communicate through your office with instant messages and predefined quick answers.

The days of having to keep your patients waiting while arranging to bring in your next appointment are over, thanks to ADSTRA Clinical.

Contact your ADSTRA Customer Care Specialist to find out more.