Although paperless records have been a reality for years, some dental practices are using paper storage for some documents, charts and records for patient information and treatments. New dental practices today resort to a paperless solution from the get-go and more and more are making the switch, realizing the general benefits paperless records provide such as the ability to backup information, reduce errors, increase readability, and accurately create reports. In addition to the basic benefits of paperless records, below are six key advanced benefits that ADSTRA Systems paperless solution provides:

Paperless records

Periodontal Readings/ Charts

Input and compare the two most recent periodontal readings for gingival recession, pocket depths, plaque, bleeding, suppuration, and calcification. Values for all the periodontal readings can be entered on one run through in the pocket fields by typing various shortcuts, simplifying the process.

Fillable Forms

A collection of questions with structured replies create a fillable form to be completed by a patient or by a provider. The information can then be exported from the form, using the Forms Templates screen, to allow for data mining. Additionally, forms can be grouped, making it easier to assign them for completion.

Referral Reports

Use templates to include both pictures and text to increase efficiency in creating referral reports as selected images and/or their properties are automatically merged in the accessible templates. Moreover, create your own templates and define a number of characteristics, making your reports as customized as possible.

Patient Education

Show pre-defined case studies, infographics, or presentations showing your own portfolio of before and after images of performed treatments and for the most common dental procedures. Utilize these built-in tools to quickly show patients the treatment options they need, increasing case acceptance. Additionally, easily import images from your digital camera into a patient’s file, to create a case study and present treatment results to a patient.


Create odontograms for existing teeth conditions with user-definable colors for restoration materials and link dental procedures to the odontogram by selecting a condition and material if applicable. This information is used to automatically include in the odontogram the conditions associated with the records from the Treatment Procedures when a new odontogram is created. Moreover, record findings from Head and Neck Examinations, TMJ Examinations, and Occlusal Examinations


Use Microsoft Word-compatible Templates to communicate with patients via email or print by retrieving the lists of patients created from the Marketing Reminder or Mailing List screens, or adding one patient at a time. In addition, use SMS and Email for appointment confirmations and reminders, and inter-office messaging for communication within the office.

There are many advanced benefits to going paperless. Implementing a fully integrated solution such as ADSTRA Dental Software provides dental practices the means to be truly paperless, ensuring they reap the benefits in the long run. This makes all the effort and time spent converting from a paper-based to a cloud-based solution worth it. Think about how seamless everything will be once a paperless solution is implemented and take the steps to make the change.